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100 Years:  From Masons to Mitzvot

April 14, 2021


Golden Slipper 100 Year Celebration
Save the Date:  March 26, 2022

Hillel and the Future of Jewish Philanthropy

October 22, 2020

In our region we boast more than 80 post-secondary higher education institutions. Many of these institutions have an active Hillel chapter. We have a unique opportunity to partner with young people in the region to show them a lifetime of service through relationships at Slipper. Were you a member of a local Hillel chapter that could help us to reach out and form relationships? Let us know if engagement with our local college age students would be an area of volunteer interest for you?

Returning to Our Roots

October 15, 2020

In 1922 our Founders turned a social card game into a force for good in the regional community. Over the years the Club has supported various charities, most especially our Camp and Gems programs for older adults. While social events have given us the opportunity to enjoy time with other like-minded people, the Club has given over much of its charitable work to the Camp and Gems. In order to support the philanthropy of our members and focus on the good that we can do together, the Club is returning to its roots.  We are forming a steering committee to ensure that meetings are focused on supporting the needs of Camp and Gems and to brainstorm projects, starting with two per year, that focus on fundraising and giving to Camp and Gems.

We are determined that the next 100 years will be even more impactful than our first 100. Our members are focused on what good they can do for others through the Club’s work, and we must attract younger members to continue the good work.  If you would be interested in joining us as we turn our thoughts to the future, please let us know!

Golden Slipper Club & Charities Hosts Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz

June 17, 2020

Glenn loves being a meteorologist in the Greater Philadelphia area. “Weather changes all the time. We get all types of weather too. It’s always a challenge,” said Glenn.

When he’s not reporting on the weather, Glenn enjoys racquetball, softball and swimming. In 2020, Glenn published his first fiction novel, The Weathermaker. He is also the co-author of award winning Philadelphia Area Weather Book and was inducted into the Philadelphia Broadcast Pioneers Hall of Fame in 2010.  Glenn is the only meteorologist in the area that blogs about the weather. You can see these posts on

Glenn was kind enough to share his views on climate change and his new book.  He accepted Golden Slipper’s invitation to become an honorary club member and the invitation to join us at the 2022 100 Years of Golden Slipper Gala.